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address: Bulgaria, Sofia, str. Hristo Belchev 3
working time: Friday 21:00 to Monday 02:00
entrance: 10.00 leva towel 2,00 leva and flipflops 2,00 leva
visited by: gays only

BALI SPA-gay-sauna-sofia-post-card


The newest gay sauna in Sofia.

Very easy to find. In the city center. Situated on area of more than 300 square meters the newest gay sauna in Sofia offers you moments of pleasure.

The gay sauna has a bar where you could have alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, fruits and fruit salads.





Information has been renewed on the 11 – July – 2013




Sofia - Bulgaria

Sofia - Bulgaria



If you plan to visit Sofia and intend to taste the gay life in Sofia here are our recommendations for you.






During the day you should visit Gay Bistro Incognito. It works everyday from 10:00 in the morning to midnight.





Gay Sauna Sofia


If you are fan of gay saunas, in Sofia there is one for you – Gay Sauna Taragon Steam. The gay sauna works from Thursday to Sunday from 15:00 to 22:00.

You can visit also the newest gay sauna in SofiaBALI SPA. It is a night sauna and works from Friday 21:00 to Monday





gay sex bulgaria




For those who like to gay cruise in Sofia we have a special recommendation – Yavorov Alley.







If you are fan of night pleasures, Sofia offers you several gay clubs. The biggest gay club in Sofia and the most popular one is ID Club.


photo-2-gay-club-sofia-why-notAlso you should visit Why Not gay club in Sofia.








The article was written on the 16 of July 2013.

gay sex bulgaria

If you visit Bulgaria and want to have gay sex you should know the best places to do this.

Gay Sauna Sofia

Gay Sauna Sofia


First you should start with the Gay Sauna in SofiaTaragon Steam.
The Gay Sauna is excelent place for gay sex. It works from Wednesday to Sunday.
Visited by people from all ages and types. The sauna has two room to seclude and enjoy your moments.






Yavorov alley

Cruising gay sex in Sofia ‘ Yavorov alley


If the weather is not cold you could have gay sex in the Yavorov alley. It´s the most popular cruising place for gay sex in Bulgaria.
Yavorov alley is situated in the Park Borisova Garden and close to te center. There are people the whole day but best time to find gay sex parther is at dawn.





ID club - gay club Sofia

ID club – gay club Sofia


The third place where you can have gay sex in Bulgaria is the ID club´s dark room.
ID club is a mix club visited mainly by gays and lesbians. After 2:30 in the night begins the sex party.



The team wish you best moments in Bulgaria.

Article is written on the 03 of April 2013.

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address: Bulgaria, Sofia, 23 Vladaiska str.
working time: every day from 10:00 to 00:00
entrance: free
visited by: gays, lesbians, bi, straight

The newest gay place in Sofia, situated in the city center.
Bistro Incognito has two floors.
The second one is more solitary.
In hot summer days bistro Incognito has open garden.

It’s the only gay place where you can eat and drink.

The music is world, commercial and pop-folk.

Bistro Incognito is an excellent place to stay before the gay discos.

Reservation phone – +359 899 059 056

Information has been renewed on the 09 – December – 2012

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The Park – Ovcha Kupel for many years is famous as a cruising zone.
Nowadays it is visited by people who are looking for sexual experience.

When is the best time to be there?

The best time is at dusk, because the places where the people meet each other are close to the boulevard.
After it is getting dark people are beginning to come. There are people until midnight. Sometimes even after midnight.

Is it safe?

Me and the people who visit this place feel secure. Of course like every cruising zone you should be careful.

What kind of people are visiting this place?

The Park – Ovcha Kupel is visited by people from different age and ethnic origin: young, middle age and old.

In front of the park there is a local road where the men stop with cars. They go to the park and join the cruise area.


Information was updated on 11 of July 2012