Golden Sands – naked beach

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The Golden Sands gay beach is reachable from Varna and the Golden Sands.
From any of those you can take bus #109 and ride until its last stop – the Laguna camp.
You need to walk a few minutes in the same direction to reach the camp after you get off the bus.
When you reach it, you pass through it and go down to the beach – the one right on front of “Laguna” is the gay beach.
It has an eating facility on it and a forest behind it, which is suitable for a cruising area.

There’s also an alternative way of reaching it – when you get off the bus #109 at its last stop you walk straight down to the beach.
Then you continue walking on the beach at the same direction the bus was going.
You will pass the nudist beach and you’ll end up on the gay beach right after that – you’ll recognize it by the eating facility on it and the rocks it’s surrounded by.

Information is updated on the 11.07.2012