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The Park – Ovcha Kupel for many years is famous as a cruising zone.
Nowadays it is visited by people who are looking for sexual experience.

When is the best time to be there?

The best time is at dusk, because the places where the people meet each other are close to the boulevard.
After it is getting dark people are beginning to come. There are people until midnight. Sometimes even after midnight.

Is it safe?

Me and the people who visit this place feel secure. Of course like every cruising zone you should be careful.

What kind of people are visiting this place?

The Park – Ovcha Kupel is visited by people from different age and ethnic origin: young, middle age and old.

In front of the park there is a local road where the men stop with cars. They go to the park and join the cruise area.


Information was updated on 11 of July 2012


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Probably the most famous and crowded gay cruising area in Sofia.
It it situated in the park “Borisova Garden”. It begins from the blvd. Tsarigradsko shose on the stop of bus 84 and trolleys.

The whole area between Iztok square and Peyo Yavorov Boulevard is a gay cruising area.

The central pathway should be used to spot the guys and if you want actions you must walk into the bushes.
Usually the place is crowded just before sun down, but be very careful when visiting this place not to be robbed or attacked.
Do not take valuables with you and avoid guys that look suspiciously.

Here is some information take by the most popular Bulgarian gay forum – gay.bg

From morning to midday and evening between 17 and 18 o’clock the people visiting gay cruising area Yavorov Alley are mostly 35 – 50 years old guys.
People of mid age are mostly found there between 15 and 17 o’clock and between 17 and 20 o’clock.
After 20 o’clock to midnight gay cruising area Yavorov Alley is visited mostly by younger people.

From time to time the area is guarded by Mounted police.

Information is updated on the 03 of May 2012

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address: Bulgaria, Sofia, str. Bratovan Street 10
working time: Thursday to Sunday 16:00 to 22:00
entrance: 10.00 leva if you have towel and flipflops and 12.00 if you don’t have
visited by: gays only


The first gay sauna in Sofia.

A bit difficult to find. It’s far from city center.
Bus number 72 passes close by. Better take a taxi and give the driver the address or use a personal guide.

The capacity of the gay sauna is 15 persons.
It has a small relax room, steaming room for 5 to 8 persons, 2 private rooms and showers.
The sauna is small but clean and very comfortable. Every visitor gets a towel, so you don’t have to bring your.

The sauna is non smoking.

Information has been renewed on the 17 – July – 2013

You may see also – Gay sauna Sofia – BALI SPA

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address: Bulgaria, Sofia, str. Karnigradska 19B
working time: Tuesday to Saturday 23:00 to 5:00
entrance: 5.00 leva
visited by: gays, bi, lesbians


ID CLUB is the biggest gay disco in Bulgaria and the most visited one.

Saturday night you could see more than 200 people there.

ID CLUB is like most of the big gay discos in Europe. You will feel secure, because the face-control filters visitors very carefully. In ID CLUB sounds disco music like: pop, dance, house and on Saturday after 03:30 there is a pop-folk party.

It’s very easy to find ID CLUB. Is is situated close to other gay clubs on a central Sofia boulevard.

The disco has a dark room, which usually after 02:00 is full of boys.

Information has been renewed on the 17 – July – 2013


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address: Bulgaria, Sofia, blvd Alexander Stamboliysky 31
working time: Wednesday and Sunday: 10pm – 4am, Friday and Saturday: 10pm – 6 am
entrance: 2.00 leva
visited by: mostly gays, rarely lesbians

Why not is among oldest gay clubs in Sofia.
Very easy to be found.

Small, cozy, very proper for acquaintances.
The music is mainly Bulgarian and Balkan pop-folk.

Perfect for dancing.

The gay club is visited by people from different ethnic groups. It’s easy to find sex partner among them.
The people who visit this club are very social.

Just go and meet someone.

Many Bulgarian gays speak English and are very friendly with strangers.

Why not is the second most visited gay club in Sofia.

information has been renewed on the 03 – May – 2012